One of the most comprehensive programs in the Midwest, Exceptional Equestrians is the only center north of Milwaukee that meets these standards:

  • PATH center member
  • A hippotherapy clinical specialist with AHA and PATH certification oversees all programs, to
    • assess each rider
    • establish treatment plan, and monitor progress
    • choose the appropriate horse and equipment
  • A professional equine specialist with a degree in equine science from Michigan State University selects, trains, and conditions all of our therapy horses.

With over 25 years of experience, Exceptional Equestrians offers:

  • A variety of progressive equine assisted therapies, which allows us to accommodate riders of varying abilities
  • Collaboration with a pediatric therapy clinic on campus
  • Gait and posture analysis as an objective measure of progress
  • A safe and prepared environment
  • Horses that are selected and trained for the task

Founded in 1999 by pediatric occupational therapist Lisa Kafka, Exceptional Equestrians has its roots in pediatric therapy. Today Exceptional Equestrians provides hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, adaptive equestrian skills, and equine-assisted learning programs that promote physical health and development, communication, community integration, self esteem, and achievement of functional skills.

Our Mission:
To better the lives of people of all abilities through the healing power of horses.

Our Vision:
Always building community connections to broaden our reach. Steadfast in our commitment to providing quality, affordable service to people of all abilities in Northeast Wisconsin in a family-oriented, natural environment.

Our Values:
Holding the highest standards in therapeutic horsemanship to nurture strength, hope, and independence.
Embracing each individual’s unique skills, abilities, and gifts.
Promoting inclusion through our commitment to affordable services.
Fostering collaboration for efficient use of resources.

Exceptional Equestrians is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides equine-assisted therapies to individuals with special needs.

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