To Ride a Horse

is to Fly

Without Wings





Exceptional Equestrians introduces its vehicle donation program


We are excited to join some of the nation's top non-profit organizations in offering this truly unique donor opportunity. If you have a vehicle you are interested in donating to support Exceptional Equestrians and its 200+ riders, you can learn more here.



Welcome, friends.

We are proud of the extraordinary work we do here at Exceptional Equestrians, and we are so glad that you want to learn more about us. 


Exceptional Equestrians is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in West De Pere. With 6 therapists, 12 horses, an equine manager and more than 100 volunteers providing hippotherapy, adaptive riding and equine-learning services, we are the largest, most comprehensive equine-assisted therapy program of our kind in NE Wisconsin.

Come in. Look around. 

Through the dedication of our experienced staff, committed volunteers and generous donors, Exceptional Equestrians serves over 200 physically, emotionally and cognitively challenged children, teens and adults from throughout Northeastern Wisconsin annually.

Our staff and volunteers know the human-horse bond provides a unique therapeutic value. This knowledge fuels our commitment to bettering the lives of people of all abilities through the healing power of horses.

Give us a call. 

We know, there's a lot of information here but once you've checked out our website, please reach out with questions, to schedule an evaluation, volunteer or make a charitable contribution.

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