COVID-19 4.29.2020 UPDATE:


In order to keep our clients, volunteers and staff safe, to prevent the spread of this virus and to fully comply with Governor Evers extended Stay at Home Order, we have made the very difficult decision to suspend services indefinitely. We will notify families, staff, and volunteers with our re-opening date as soon as one is determined. If you are interested in exploring telehealth therapy options, please contact the office at 920.339.0700. 

Please read our updated closure statement.

The therapists on staff at Exceptional Equestrians are...well, exceptional. They have worked with children, teens and adults with a wide variety of needs, and they are generous in sharing their knowledge and experience with our families and community.


Below please find a listing of resources and activities that may inspire, challenge and entertain whether on a rainy day or in the midst of a pandemic.


DIY Sensory Bins

Build an Obstacle Course: Motor Warmup Exercise

Outside Play

Building with Blocks

Floor Time

Beginning Fine Motor Activities

Stringing Beads

Munchie Ball: Fine Motor Exercise

Tactile Play: Fine Motor Strengthening & Pincer Activities

Q-Tip Painting: Strengthening & Pincer Exercises

Tongs & Tweezer Fun: Fine Motor Strengthening & Pincer Activities

Cutting Pointers

Pre-Writing Pointers & Activities

Handwriting Practice

Visual Perception Pointers & Table-top Activities

Rainbow Arch: Crossing Midline Exercise

Vocational Skills

Animal Walks & Yoga Gross Motor Activities

OT Scavenger Hunt

DIY Sensory Bag for Writing

Step-by-step: How to Draw Guided Pages

Marble Painting

String Art

Dot Art

Veggie Art Activity

Shape Tracing Activity (includes printable worksheets)

Block & Script Letter Practice (includes printable worksheets)

Bubble Fine Motor Activity

Dot-to-Dot Letters (includes printable worksheets)

Dot-to-Dot Numbers (includes printable worksheets)

Parts of Me Song

Balloon Mania Color Game

Shape Bingo (printable cards provided)

Picture Card Bingo (printable cards provided)

What Color is Bud?

Learning Synonyms and Antonyms

What's Different? (categorization activity)

Word Pairs

Sounds Sing-A-Long

Color Matching

Go Fish With Letters (printable cards provided)

Words & Syllables Sound Recognition Activity

Decoding Skills Suggestions

How Many? (interactive card game)

Card Games for Number Sense, Sequencing, Recognition & Categorizing

Recipes for Exploration

Recycled Materials Crafts & Activities for Kids

Gross Motor Activities

Speech & Language Activities

Sensory Integration Activities

Family-friendly Color Pages

Drawing a Simple Cartoon in 7 Easy Steps

Worksheets & Printables

21 Activities to Improve Handwriting Skills

Color Match Game

Obstacle Course

Match Game

Snack & Social Activity

Puppet Play

Go Fishing

Adaptive Flashlight Tag

Surprise Box


Puzzle Hunt

Pair It

Bubble Wrap Bounce

Sink or Swim

Tape Track

Animal Antics

Act It Out

Design a Pattern

Who Needs a Shave

Basket Toss

Partner Pictures

Sticky Fingers

Freeze Dance

Get Your Beat On

Time's Up

Balance Beam


Sensory Modulation Video with Lisa Kafka & Molly Kafka (3 parts)

Sensory Modulation Part 1
Sensory Modulation Part 2
Sensory Modulation Part 3

Bubble Activities with Lisa Stark-Jones

Gross Motor Activities with Arica Jacobs


Exceptional Equestrians Horses Welcome Spring Video

Exceptional Equestrians is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID 39-1959653).that provides hippotherapy, adaptive riding and equine-assisted learning services to children, teens and adults with physical, cognitive and mental health challenges.


Our mission is to better the lives of people of all abilities through the healing power of horses.

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